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We connect your service or products with the smartphone - without App

We connect your business, service or product with the user's smartphone

Consumers use their smartphones to search for products, jobs, holiday homes, partners, cars or services. Banks invest massively in mobile solutions, and online banking also works via the smartphone. The digital revolution has not displaced the paper so far. On the contrary, the paper consumption continues to increase. One of the best known ways to connect these offline and online media are so-called QR Codes. A smartphone decrypts the QR code and supports the customer in his shopping experience with, for example, product information. This allows potential customers to order different products such as: consumer electronics, books, toys, clothes or food via a scan via smartphone, pay if they like and have the product delivered directly to their home. This type of mobile commerce is widespread, it mainly addresses the millennials, because it can be used almost anywhere and anytime almost anywhere and on the other hand is considered a cost-effective marketing measure.